Small spaces for a big life

Introducing new housing concept

Selva worked with the developer Basso Properties in the concept definition for Aristobulo Coliving, a development of 50000 square feet in Vicente López. The interiors of the apartments and each common use space as part of the visual identity and essential parts of the brand.

Millenial DNA

Individual and shared spaces.Convenient and entertaining community lifestyle. The brand gathers all these attributes.

“'Selva helped us represent our brand with the right level of dynamism and sophistication”

Juan Pablo Basso, developer.

Papel & Digital

The product was presented through the website and the brochure. They offer insight into all aspects of life in the Colving. A catalog of furniture for the apartments and the highlights of the neighborhood and its connectivity with the city.

Let´s work together


A five stories eden

A lush green residential building